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About Us

Why Choose Us

We know the typical support that you deal with when you deal with an IT agency. We want to break that stigma and invite you to work with us. We won’t make you feel like a dummy for asking a question and we’re ready to explain what we’re building for you until you understand. We want you to see us as your IT Partner, so let’s start working as a team.

Our Team

Our team may be small, but we’re ready. We’ve specialized in our fields and curated a near-perfect environment for innovation and success. With a combined 18 years of IT experience. We work with several other small agencies for various projects that share our same values and passion for helping small businesses.

Jake Nelson

Jake Nelson

I started building hobby websites when I was 13. With 12 years of experience working on various sized projects. I know that we can help you achieve your vision for your IT solutions. 

Eric Singleterry

Eric Singleterry


 I’ve always had a passion for knowing how things function. As a kid, I would take apart my radio to view their components and see how they worked together. With over 6 years of technology experience. I’ve helped many clients acheive their vision on both federal and commercicial sectors.

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